Short Course in Applied Positive Psychology

Positive and productive staff. Happy and engaged students. Creative and highly-performing teams. In schools, businesses and organisations, leaders work to create a culture in which productivity, creativity and performance are optimised, and in which hard-working people can thrive. This is the field of wellbeing at work, and it draws its evidence from research in the broader domain of Positive Psychology.

In his book Flourish, Professor Martin Seligman (2011) identifies five Elements of Wellbeing necessary for individuals and organisations to be at their best. They are Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment, and they form the framework for the Short Course in Applied Positive Psychology we are proud to offer you here.

Conducted over two full days, this intensive course will teach you the conditions and processes that lead to the optimal functioning of individuals, groups and organisations. You will learn how to be at your personal best at home and at work, and how to lead cultural change in your work environment to enhance wellbeing and improve performance. By synthesising research in the field of positive psychology, supported by current thinking in education, neuroscience, organisational management and leadership, the course provides comprehensive coverage of the key theories and concepts that are transforming workplaces and classrooms across the world.

This course is both a professional and personal learning opportunity. While you will be able to immediately apply what you learn at work, your new understandings will also magnify your self-awareness and self-esteem, enhance your personal relationships, strengthen your resilience and invigorate your sense of purpose in life. It is likely you will experience several transformative moments throughout the course, and will have many opportunities to share your insights with your group.

The course is an academic one, but it is also a practical one, grounded in the application of research findings to real-world contexts. Participants can expect to be well equipped with deep knowledge and practical strategies to make a positive difference in their chosen profession.

Rob is an excellent presenter. He has the rare gift of being able to present complex ideas in a highly engaging manner. Rob's many well-researched presentations have made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of students, staff and parents at The Southport School.

Jo Inglis, Deputy Headmaster and Head of Learning and Teaching, The Southport School

Very rarely are we given the opportunity to experience extremely well researched and coherent material in a concise, entertaining and truly worthwhile series of presentations. By far the most informative and literally life-changing PD programme of the past ten years!

Christopher George, English Teacher, The Southport School

Participation in this course is highly recommended for:

Calendar (2017)


City Date Register
Brisbane Thursday 11 - Friday 12 May Register
Brisbane Thursday 06 - Friday 07 July (school holidays) Register
Canberra Monday 05 - Tuesday 06 June Register
Melbourne Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 September (school holidays) Register
Sydney Thursday 01 - Friday 02 June Register
Sydney Thursday 10 - Friday 11 August Register
Sydney Thursday 28 - Friday 29 September (school holidays) Register

New Zealand

City Date Register
Auckland Thursday 17 - Friday 18 August Register


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Singapore Thursday 13 - Friday 14 July Register

Course organisation

Module 1: Introduction to Positive Psychology and strengths

Module 2: Cultivating positivity

Module 3: Optimising engagement

Module 4: Building positive and productive relationships

Module 5: Finding meaning and purpose

Module 6: Pursuing accomplishment

Course structure

This intensive course is delivered over two consecutive days from 8.30am - 4.30pm each day.

Day 1

Day 2

Course fee and inclusions

Course fee

Country Early Bird Standard
Australia (AUD) $549.00 $699.00
New Zealand (NZD) $599.00 $749.00
Singapore (SGD) $699.00 $849.00

Recognition of learning

Ongoing support

Every participant who completes this course will be provided with 6 months access to the Positive Difference Professional Learning Library, a collection of online resources to use for training purposes within your organisation. These resources include:

Other inclusions

Our recommendation

With the Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology course, you get two days of professional training along with a wealth of professionally-prepared resources to empower you to share your newly-acquired knowledge with your colleagues.

We recommend you send two or three of your high-performing people to complete the course, and to form the core of a team to lead sustainable cultural change at your workplace.